Premarital/Pre-Engagement Counseling

I offer screening inventories for assessing couple strengths and growth areas in the relationship as well as identifying personality issues and marital expectations. This assessment allows me to help the couple focus objectively on critical relationship issues. Each inventory is intended to assess areas in which relationships need to grow and strengths that will enable them to progress in a positive direction. A minimum of 9 sessions are required for assessment and discussion of the following topics.

  1. Assessing the background of your relationship and how you currently relate to each other
  2. Feedback on from the PREPARE® computer assessment and discussion of couple strengths and growth areas
  3. Communication
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Discussing how each family of origin impacts the couple relationship now and going forward
  6. Finances and parenting
  7. Sexual intimacy
  8. Commitment and spiritual intimacy